More on Mara

Stephen Batchelor

I’ve just been listening to a wonderful audio Dhamma talk by Stephen Batchelor, called Buddha Nature, Mara Nature (right-click to download; click to stream). In addition to cutting through some of the misleading implications of the word “nature”, with its distinctively non-Buddhist implications of “essence” or “self”, Batchelor does a masterful job of examining how the multifold hindrances, as personified in the canonical texts by the iconic figure of Mara, block the capacity that we share with the Buddha, “the capacity to wake up, to understand things, to see clearly, to be free”. Batchelor is lucid, witty, and wonderfully knowledgeable, not only of the Nikayas of the Pali Canon, but also of the several Tibetan traditions and both Korean and Japanese Zen. He’s a good guide; his books are good reads; and this is a good listen. I’d be eager to hear what you might take from it.